"In the context of a Community of practice the notion of a duality is used to capture the idea of the tension between two opposing forces which become a driving force for change and creativity. Wenger (Wenger 1998) uses the concept of dualities to examine the forces that create and sustain a Community of Practice. He describes a duality thus: '... a single conceptual unit that is formed by two inseparable and mutually constitutive elements whose inherent tensions and complementarity give the concept richness and dynamism' (Wenger 1998, p. 66).


Some compare the concept of a duality to that of Yin and Yang, i.e. two mutually defining opposites.

The opposing entities in a duality need to be viewed from a perspective of balance rather than opposition. The term implies a dynamism, continual change and mutual adjustment as the tensions that are inherent in dualities can be both creative and constraining. Wenger identifies four dualities that exist in Communities of Practice: participation-reification, designed-emergent, identification-negotiability and local-global."






short info:




exhibition at the Künstlerforum Bonn 2011




Johannes Baum


Johannes Hess


1.800 square meter

of stretch foil


10 days of work


and a Künstlerforum