"The basis for this sculpture is a project we realized in 2009. It was called "the forest of the roof battens". Our approach to the "forest of the roof battens" was to put a simple idea into an open process. The locaton, the material and the open process were the main sources of inspiration for this project. The polarities of motion and statics are to be found in each of these three levels. The location as a static circum- stance with its frigid grafi- cally buildings was given an antithesis by a vivd, organic Insallation. The material, the plain geometric roof battens were led back to their upspring, to the vital tree by installing them as a forest. And in the process of creation it self every ac- tor of this group constantly switched between the motion of taking action and the state of sighting the action of the other actors. The two polatities encountering themselves here moreover could be charakterized as "Interior and exterior" or "enclosed and opend". Connecting them was a pivotal interest because they are simply in urgent need of each other. The installation appears to be a rounded sculptu- ral body with an enclosed surface to a distant per- spective. But the closer you get, the better its permeability and slender constuction arises. The facade of the building to- wards th street appears closed and cool. The ins- tallation infringes and as a matter of fact vanquishes this closeness by conque- ring even the interiour. The specific quality of this project was probably founded in its process of developement. It was not the idea of a single artist that has been realized by different people. Actually there was an idea developed by various artists in respect of the substential issue on the one hand ant to the spatial situation on the other hand. By this means the qualities and abilities of the individual ar- tists could complement and exponentiate mutually. The consistence of the work and specially its supstential and spatial relation to the given circumstances benifited from this readiness to engage in dialogue. And exactly therefore it is near and dear to us as sculpors to develope and continue this method of work in solidarity..."


short info:


this is the sketch for an artwork wich was to be placed at the front of the Raddison Blue at Oslo airport.


you can download the whole concept here:







Johannes Baum

Johannes Hess

Ludger Krause-Sparmann

Martin Schüßler